Edavaka Mission

Edavaka Mission and Mission Board were acting as one entity catering to the Mission activities of the Parish in the Singapore parish. This was changed in 2013 by reviving the Edavaka Mission to cater to the internal spiritual nourishment within the parish and the Mission Board entrusted for the parish’s external Mission projects and identifying such Mission initiatives.

Edavaka Mission initiates the following activities during the year:

  • Plan for the 40 days of Vespers during the Great Lent.
  • Conduct the Parish Convention.
  • Conduct Alexander Mar Thoma Valiya Metropolitan Memorial Lectures.
  • Conduct prayers at the homes of bereaved family members and assist the Vicar in the Wake services.
  • Visiting homes of elderly church members.

Recent addition in 2021:

  • Bible Study
  • Bible Quiz
  • Chain prayer every Friday from 7am to 7pm..

2024 Edavaka Mission Committee:

PresidentRev. Gino Samuel Philip
Vice-PresidentGeorge Varghees
SecretaryK. V. Elezabeth
Asst SecretaryMathew K George(Jiju)
Exco RepGeogy Zachariah
House Visit CoordinatorGeorge Varghees
Chain Prayer CoordinatorAnnie Varughese(Nessy)

Area Reps 

BED MARSangeetha Sara Eapen
BIS-SEMGeorge Varghees
BUK-CCKAnnie John
HOU-SENVarghese Abraham(Saji)
JUR-CLEGeogy Zachariah
TAM-PASAnnie Varughese (Nessy)
TOW-SERSanthosh. C. Joseph