MTYF Board Games Bonanza

Board Games Bonanza, organised by the Fellowship Team of MTYF, was held on 31st March at 6.30 pm, in the Attic of our Church. The event had a large variety of board games such as chess, monopoly, and other card games which were free and easy for the youth to use. There were some curated games as well to encourage interaction between the youth. There were snacks and refreshments contributed by the youth as well. There were a total of 30+ participants and the evening was an enjoyable one for all.MTYF Fellowship Team

Youth Sunday 2022

Youth Sunday was celebrated on 16 October 2022, which comprised of the Special Order of Worship followed by Praise and Worship which was led by the Band. The various aspects of the service were led by youth members, including the deacons Anne Mammen and Dave Shejo George, and Bible readers Matthew Chacko and Paul Cherian. The message was delivered by Elizabeth Joseph (Deepa) on the theme ‘Youths: Inheritors of Faith’, in which she covered the exemplary behaviour demonstrated by youths in the Bible such as Daniel. A Food Sale was done after service by the 13–15-year-old age group to raise…

MTYF Senior Citizen’s Home Visit September 2022

By the grace of God, the youth fellowship held another in-person Senior Citizen’s Home Visit on the 24th of September 2022. Eight youths and Achen visited the homes of Gracy Ammachi (Mrs. Gracy Cherian) and Sosamma Ammachi (Mrs. Sosamma Thankachen) in Tampines and Bedok areas, respectively. The youths engaged the Ammachies with meaningful conversations followed by singing, a Psalm reading, and prayer. We are grateful to the families who hosted us, Achen, who helped facilitate the session, and the youths who attended. Spending quality time with our seniors has always been a blessed and invaluable experience. Please continue to support…

MTYF Series

The MTYF Series was held on Saturday, 10th September, from 3.30pm – 6.30pm. The participants were split into 2 teams for a series of competitive games. The series began with both teams playing Captain’s Ball. Dodgeball, Dog and Bone and Tug of War followed close after to determine the winning team and “The Most Outstanding” players. Prizes were awarded to both team for their efforts. 3D printed trophies were awarded to “The Most Outstanding” players for displaying excellent leadership qualities and sportsmanship. MTYF would like to thank everyone who supported and prayed for the MTYF Series. We thank God that…

Ecumenical Women’s Fellowship 2022

Ecumenical Women’s Fellowship

2022 Women’s Ecumenical Fellowship, was held on 13th August at the Lutheran Church of our Redeemer, Singapore. The event was hosted by CSI Immanuel church, Singapore. Around 50 women members and Vicars from various churches including CSI, Orthodox and our church attended for this event. The theme for the retreat was Arise & Shine. Rev. Fr Liju Koruthu, Vicar, St. Thomas Orthodox Church was the guest speaker for this event. Report by – Bindu Runy, MTSSS Secretary