Church Picnic 2023

The annual Church picnic was held on National Day – Wednesday, 9th August 2023, at Casuarina Grove, East Coast Park from 9 am -5.30 pm. The kick-off was at 9.30am with a word of prayer. There were 213 active registrants with 60 kids and over 30 enthusiastic volunteers who supported and coordinated all activities throughout the day. The theme was ‘Retro’ and some 90’s games such as Biting the Bun, Lemon & Spoon, Musical Chair and Kho- Kho were revisited. Few other parallel games such as Cricket, Jenga, Dumb Charades and Cards were arranged as well. A picnic classic over…

Lent Vespers

Lent Vespers were held on each of the 40 days of the Great Lent at homes of our members. An average of 15-20 people attended daily. The message from the Word of God was shared by lay members on most of the vespers. A summary of the message was also sent to all members by email and is available on our website at this link for the benefit of those who could not attend the vespers. The Mid-Lent service was held in Church. Once again, these vespers were a time of retreat, introspection and commitment for all who attended.

MTYF Movie Night – NOAH

Around 230 of our members gathered at Cathay Cinema on 5 April to watch the movie NOAH. It was the first such event at our Church where the whole cinema had been booked exclusively for our Church. Since the movie Noah was rated as not appropriate for young children, an alternate screening Captain America was arranged for the little children. The event which was to support the funding of the proposed Youth Mission & Heritage trip to India in June was a success by all measures.

Lent Vesper Devotions

This page is a collection of the devotional thoughts from the sharing of the Word on each day of the Lent Vespers 2014. As you are aware, the Word is being shared by our own members on most of the days. While the intention is mainly to benefit those who are unable to attend the Lent Vespers on a daily basis, hopefully it will also be a refresher for the people who did attend the particular vesper. It is hoped that these devotional thoughts will further help us in our daily devotion during this Lenten period.